Are We Not Mushroom?

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About Are We Not Mushroom?

Mario led to movies, merchandise, and the Nintendo empire. Devo led to the theory of de-evolution, Mark Mothersbaugh scoring half of Wes Anderson’s movies, and a bold new world of hat fashions. Celebrate both with the shirt that sticks up for the little guy and looks forward to the future all at once. It’s such a perfect pop culture combination it leaves only one very important question to be asked. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are DevToad!

About The Artist

Joshua G is a graphic design and computer instructor. He started his journey in shirt design making apparel for a university in the Bay Area. One design he made in his free-time became an interment meme and he was hooked ever since. When he is not creating shirt designs for his website line Bizarro Tees (, he can found writing about and researching contemporary art for his art magazine Creep Machine.

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