Broken By Design

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About Broken By Design

For a community that prizes realism and intricate detail, the art world sure loves busted stuff. Venus de Milo, the Sphinx, the Last Supper are all proof that nothing’s worth looking at until it’s broken. And while we can appreciate crumbling ancient statues as much as the next guy, it’s high time the broken stuff of the modern world get its fair shake. Finally, the broken JPEG symbol is getting the credit it deserves, rather than just the usual whispered expletives when your porn won’t load.

About The Artist

With the strength of an ox and the speed of a slightly faster ox, Aaron Morales is a designer bent on world domination using the power of mildly humorous pop culture references crudely scribbled into mind seducing eye candy (making funny drawings on things you buy). With each day his power grows so it's best to stay on his good side by keeping up with his work here.

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