Clever Yoshis

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About Clever Yoshis

If there’s three things you loved in the ‘90s, they’re probably video games, Jurassic Park, and eating as much ice cream as your tween metabolism could handle. Get them all in one shirt with this design on a reptilianly green shirt. And don’t worry: those clever Yoshis might have eaten Muldoon at some point, but we all know they pooped him back out whole in a big breakable egg, where he’s rattling around safely. “How” you ask? Because LIFE FINDS A WAY.

About The Artist

Parker Craw is a human being. He likes sleeping, eating and being awake approximately 17 hours per day. When he's not creating amazing T-shirt designs, he can be found in the Cracked Forums creating amazing Photoplasties, Macros and Craptions. In his spare time he's an editor, producer, father and professional Skeet Surfer. Here's some more of his stuff

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