F*ck Ferris, Save Cameron

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About F*ck Ferris, Save Cameron

There’s a good chance Cameron Frye was suffering from something serious and debilitating when Ferris Bueller dragged him from his bed and made him wander around Chicago for a day. Maybe something so serious that Cameron hallucinated the entire movie and even hallucinated Ferris Bueller, like an 80s high school version of Tyler Durden. Wear this shirt and remember the poor kid who deserves to have his name painted on a water tower because there’s a good chance he’s dying from some nasty virus while having fever dreams about a make believe best friend ruining his dad’s car.


About The Artist

Daniel Frazier is a writer/artist/director/ego-maniac who works relentlessly in pursuit of fame, fortune and the Incredible Hulk. He is the co-creator of the independent comic series The Adventures of Nightclaw and Prowler

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