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War is hell. And if you’re a Koopa Paratroopa, you’re watching some Apocalypse Now type carnage from your winged vantage point. But when you see the enemy strip off your fallen comrade’s shell and use it as a weapon, you don’t flee. You keep flying, in the face of head-stomping and fireballs and curiously brutal Italian plumbers. So wear this shirt bravely, and you’re sure to meet your fellow troopas in this world, or the next world, or maybe even the bonus stage.

About The Artist

Nine months out of the year, Mike Tate teaches math to a rag-tag group of spunky teenagers. They have yet to hoist him onto their shoulders in a spontaneous moment of triumph, so clearly they have not watched enough 80's cinema. The rest of the year is spent drawing occasionally funny pictures on his computer. He has also never been seen in the same room as Spider-Man, so you know, there's that.

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