Prism Break!

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About Prism Break!

In finite supply and available for a limited time only, the Cracked prism break t-shirt.  This 100% original design isn't based on anything other than our own spectacular imaginations.  Frankly, we're pretty damn proud of it considering we had absolutely zero pre-existing properties to build from while concocting this visual testament to creative genius.  But we'll warn you, if we end up seeing slightly altered versions of this on, say, your band's record sleeve or something, we'll send our lawyers after you.

About The Artist

Scott is an aspiring artist and writer whenever he can overcome his crippling addiction to playing Zuma's Revenge.  He pays rent by working at a scientific research facility, and spends his free time recording podcasts for the Simply Syndicated Podcast Network, writing his Cracked World View blog, and wondering why people don't carry swords anymore.

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