Race for the Cure: Run, Save Yourself

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About Race for the Cure: Run, Save Yourself

The most important step in preventing the spread of any disease is public awareness. Coincidentally, this is also the first thing everyone foregoes in a zombie movie. Whether it’s the Umbrella Corporation desperately trying to sweep everything under the rug or every characters refusal to ever use the word “zombie” despite it existing in our lexicon for decades. We want to help spread awareness in search of a cure, so wear your Race for the Cure shirt as often as you can and let’s beat this goddamn thing.

About The Artist

Scott O'Gara is a Los Angeles based illustrator and fine artist. While he spends most of his time watching animal videos set to Dirty South rap, he's also currently working on a comic book about the self-reflective nature of clones amidst the Death Star's highly homoerotic storm trooper culture. A book that is sure to be made canon by Disney, once completed. Some of his art is perusable at www.scottogara.com

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