Robocop: Motorcity Justice

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Robocop: Motorcity Justice

There are three main characters in RoboCop: RoboCop, Detroit, and you making gun shot noises over the whole movie. We think this design brings those first two together perfectly. They’re the most interesting figures in the movie, because they built each other. Because just like The Wire (the RoboCop of Baltimore), people are a product of the institutions around them. And in Peter Weller’s case, those institutions were guns, Ronny Cox, and a tough city that needed the toughest hero possible. Wear this with confidence that you too can be your city’s hero, or at least not be its creep.


About The Artist

My name is Joseph LeJeune and I've been arting for a couple of decades now. I design album covers, posters, card games, and tons of whatever else I feel like making for no money ( I grew up in New Orleans and currently reside in California. I draw inspiration from a combination of crippling low self esteem and a constant, medical need for validation.

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