The Cracked Seal of Officialness

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About The Cracked Seal of Officialness

Did everyone know that the President of the United States gets his own seal?  He has an emblem that he can slap on anything from podiums to nachos and, boom, it all belongs to him.  Meanwhile, we've been wandering around like idiots without our own official seal and the President could just step in, willy-nilly and claim all our favorite stuff as his.  Well, not anymore, Barry.  We've created our own seal and since we can't force any of you to get tattoos, we'd appreciate if you wore it across your chest so the President knows you're already spoken for.

About The Artist

Casey is a self-taught graphic designer by day and an aspiring graphic designer in his free time.  When he's not pwning noobs or taking it to the house, he takes on a wide array of freelance projects, while having no issue with pandering to the lowest common denominator to make people happy.  Except Charlie.  He knows why.  Check out Casey's portfolio here!

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