The Cracked Wild Card

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About The Cracked Wild Card

Look at you, you goddamn loose cannon.  You're the type of person who's unpredictable, exciting and occasionally found screaming in the back of a squad car.  Birthdays, anniversaries, brisses, funerals, the occasion doesn't matter, you will set the tone of a party like a big beautiful liability swimming with your clothes on.  You are the wild card, and we want to honor you with the Cracked Wild Card shirt.  Wear it and let everyone know that you're just as likely to do a back flip off a table as you are to pass out in their step dad's den for three days.

About The Artist

Originally sent from the future by machines to terminate humans, Shawn Fone has since abandoned his mission and now works peacefully as a freelance designer and artist. Some of his work can be seen online here.

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