Wonder Woman Raw

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About Wonder Woman Raw

Anyone who claims to love comics and hate professional wrestling is a liar or a woman. That's not meant to be a slight against women; seeing muscle-bound mutants in spandex throw each other through furniture in the name of good and evil has universal appeal, but heroic women are suspiciously absent on the wrestling side. We think it's high time the WWE offer up a woman who could suplex a bear if she wanted to. We need a female wrestling hero as well-defined as Wonder Woman. Wear this shirt and together let's all take one step closer to equality.

About The Artist

My name is Leandro Vieira, but I'm called Leonardo a lot, I'm 32, I'm a graphic designer and illustrator, I live in a small town in Brazil whose claim to fame are a sandwich and the country's most famous bordello. It's closed now, but we still have the sandwiches. I'm a comic book, sci-fi and videogames nerd, as probably everyone else who access Cracked.com. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.  Visit my online gallery here

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