You Have Always Been the Caretaker Here

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About You Have Always Been the Caretaker Here

Look, if a supernatural hotel tries to make you murder your family and collect your soul as the permanent caretaker, you're going to want a shirt on your back you're comfortable wearing for eternity. This soft, breathable, 100% cotton shirt allows you to swing an ax with comfort and washes well, even after accidental makeout sessions with bloated corpses. We don't, however, recommend wearing it alone without a jacket when walking a hedge maze in the middle of winter.

About The Artist

BlondeFury is President and CEO of her own imagination. It’s a demanding, full-time job with low pay, a harsh work environment and an unskilled labor force. If not for the great mental health benefits she would probably just leave. She enjoys reading Cracked and participating in the photo manipulation and design contests. She is also a contributor and Fifth Element at "Madmann Graphics"

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